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How to Get Rid of Ants

At Aus Pest Control we are the Perth experts in Ant Control and solving ant problems, so contact us and we will rid your home and business of ants.

We only use ant treatments that are safe for your family and pets.

Getting rid of ants often needs repeat treatments and a plan. At Aus Pest Control, we recommend the following:-

  • Secure the the perimeter of the home with a safe insecticide spray which acts as a barrier to stop ants getting in. 
  • Internal Treatment – Use bait. This is taken back to the colony and will kill more ants including the queen.
  • External Treatment – Locate the nest. The treatment is long lasting and is taken back to the nest and will destroy the much if not all of the colony.

Some other methods can be very limited in their effectiveness. This includes:-

Using boiling water, petrol (fire hazard) or some hardware store-bought ant killer. These can be applied to the visible location of the ants but may only kill the ones that are visible. More than 90% of the colony are likely to be unseen and unaffected and will either relocate or come back when it is safe again.

So call Aus Pest Control and we will get rid of your Ant problem – Fast!

Ants in Perth

Ants are very resilient and are among the most difficult pests to get rid of. One reason is that they can take over a large territory including areas that may belong to your neighbour. 

Ants live in highly socially organised colonies that normally range in number from 30 in a small nest to millions.  

They form well worn trails usually from their nest to a food source and back again. It is unlikely that ants will be aimlessly wandering around. They are usually going from a place to a predetermined destination. 

If they find a food source, they transmit that message back to the nest and you will see more ants appear as they look to take food back to the colony. 

Ants are particularly active in spring and summer.

Common Types of Ants Are:


  • Argentine Ants 
  • Black Ants 
  • Bull Ants
  • Coastal Brown Ants

Argentine Ants

These are small brown ants that originated from South America. They are common in urban areas of Perth and although they mainly live outside, they will try to get in your home. They make their nest close to food and water sources.

Black Ants

Not uncommon to find these in a kitchen area. They spread diseases, for example salmonella so they must be eradicated quickly.

Bull Ants

They are spread across all areas of Australia, are large and are found in urban, woodland and bush areas. They are aggressive and will vigorously defend their nest. Their stings are painful and medical attention should be sought if you get an allergic reaction.

Coastal Brown Ants

Also known as the big-headed ant, the coastal brown ant can be found in brick and stone paved areas, driveways and lawns. They are known to leave piles of sand around pavers, which they’ve brought to the surface when building their underground tunnels. They can also move into plants and damage them so be vigilant of that and also be very careful that you’ve checken the plant pot before you bring it inside. Coastal Brown Ants can also spread diseases such as salmonella.

Note:  “White Ants” are not ants, they are termites. They are not attracted to the food humans eat and only eat wood. For more information on White Ants, click Termite Control.

How to Prevent Ant Infestations

It is very difficult to prevent ants coming in and around your home and business and you may need preventative pest control treatments. 

In addition to that, you can take some common-sense steps:-

  • Make sure that all potential entrances ants may use to get into your house are properly sealed.
  • Ensure food preparation areas, surfaces and floors are regularly cleaned and food is kept in sealed containers. If there are crumbs left around the house, these should be regularly vacuumed.
  • Empty your waste bins regularly.
  • Be vigilant inside and out for signs of ants.
  • Contact Aus Pest Control to eliminate your ant problem.

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