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At Aus Pest Control, we are experts at Bee and wasp control and treatment.

If you need to have bees or wasps removed,  contact Aus Pest Control now.

We are experts in removing bee-hives or wasps nests from your home or business.

We advise that you don’t do this yourself.

The danger is that unless you are an expert you will only make matters worse.

  • We will inspect the area and locate the nest.
  • If it is a bee-hive we will save it if possible. Bees form such a vital in our Ecosystem in the pollination process that our first option is to try to save and relocate the hive.
  • If that is not possible we’ll use a dust treatment on the nest. There is a wait time of roughly 2 hours where the bees or wasps will be very angry so we advise people and pets to stay indoors.
  • We then remove the nest including any dead insects and the honeycomb. If the honeycomb is left where it is, it can attract other pests like cockroaches and rats.

For Bee or Wasp nest removal our technicians wear full Protective Clothing. Safety for all is our priority.

Identifying Wasps Nests and Bee Hives

The Paper Wasp Nest

The nest is usually above ground, in fences, trees or shrubs or high up on a building sometimes around the roof or eaves.

The European Wasp Nest

The nest is usually below ground and is fairly large, sometimes bigger than a football. Nests can also be up higher attached to homes or commercial buildings usually near the roof. The small entrance will be busy due to wasps entering and leaving the nest. The nests are made from chewed wood pulp.

Bee Hives

Bee hives are normally found in tree hollows or rock crevices. The hive is made out of wax that the honey bee converts from honey it has eaten. The hive consists of thousands of hexagonal cells which are interconnected. Usually the cells at the top of the hold honey, the cells in the middle hold pollen and at the bottom is where the young bees are protected and raised.

How to Prevent Wasps and Bees from Nesting 

Around Your Home or business

  • Seal holes around your house
  • Do not leave food lying around and seal garbage bins
  • Grow plants like mint and other wasp-repelling plants.
  • Cover all holes in the Ground

Click here to get medical advice on how to treat wasp and bee stings.

    Bees and Wasps in Perth

    The common types of wasps and bees in Perth are:

    • The Paper Wasp

    Native to Australia and are usually only aggressive when their nest is threatened. Paper wasps feed on caterpillars, flies, beetles and other insects and nectar.

    • The European Wasp

    More aggressive than the paper wasp and is native to Europe, North Africa and parts of Asia. European wasps are scavengers. They will feed on food scraps left over by humans including, meat, fish fruit and vegetables and may even try to raid your pet’s dinner. They also eat dead insects. Be very careful if you are drinking fizzy soft drinks outside as they attract wasps. In Australia you will need to be vigilant for wasps during picnics and barbecues.

    • The Honey Bee

    Honey bees are usually only aggressive when their nest is threatened. Honey Bees are vital to humans as they pollinate flowers. Pollination produces fruit which is vital for our food supply. Honey bees mostly eat the pollen and nectar from flowers and honey but they have also been known to eat very ripe fruit.

    The main reason that you do not want bees and wasps nests around your home or business is that they both have a painful sting. In very rare cases the sting can be fatal if it induces a severe allergic reaction.

    A honey bee will sting only once before it dies. Wasps are capable of multiple stings.

    Wasps and bees can be a threat to adults, children and pets.

    That being said, despite their bad reputation for stings, bees and wasps are vital to our EcoSystem as they are pollinators and in some cases provide pest control themselves by killing other insects.

    If you locate a beehive or wasp nest contact Aus Pest Control to arrange Safe Bee and Wasp Removal.

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