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Cockroach Treatment and Extermination

At Aus Pest Control, we treat all types of Cockroaches that may enter your home.

All of the pest control and cockroach control methods we use are safe to your family and pets.

  • Step 1 – Inspection: We inspect inside and outside your home to identify any high risk areas.
  • Step 2 – External Treatment – We apply the latest treatment to the outside perimter of your home, creating a barrier which prevents pests getting in.
  • Step 3 – Internal Treatment – We apply treatment to internal skirting boards and cracks and openings where cockroaches may be located.

Customer Satisfaction is guaranteed! Our warranty means that we will return free of charge to apply further treatment if you need us to.

Contact Aus Pest Control and we will get rid of your cockroaches – FAST!


Cockroaches in Perth

If you see one cockroach, there are likely to be many that you can’t see and they even reside in very clean homes.

Cockroaches love the warm climate so not surprisingly they are one of the most common pests in Australia.

Although there are several species of cockroach in Australia, the main ones you’ll see in Perth are:-

  • German Cockroach
  • Australian Cockroach
  • American Cockroach

German cockroaches are common inside homes and businesses and are attracted to kitchens, restaurants, cafes and hotels, particularly where food is present. They are also one of the most stubborn pests to eradicate.

Australian Cockroach – loves humid conditions and likes hot weather if there is an availablity of water. Although comfortable outside, may come inside looking for food.

American Cockroach – the largest cockroach. These pests love humid and moist conditions are commonly found in kitchens and near food preparation areas.

Cockroaches are scavengers and will eat just about anything. They even eat things like paper and glue if there’s no other food about. They can also be cannibalistic if their food sources run out. 

They enter your house via open door or windows, under doors, through gaps or cracks next to pipes or the exterior of your home or through drains. They can also come into your house via backpacks, grocery shopping or even when you bring towels or washing inside. Often they seek to get inside your house, either for shelter, food or both.

Are Cockroaches Dangerous?

Cockroaches spread diseases and bacteria like salmonella and e-coli which may come from places they have previously been like drains or sewers. If these get onto food preparation areas or other areas around humans, they may cause illnesses like gastroenteritis, dysentery or typhoid.

Due to these health risks, cockroach control and extermination is essential in warm countries like Australia.

How to Prevent a Cockroach Infestation

  • Keep kitchen surfaces and food preparation areas clean and dry
  • Regularly sweep and clean kitchen floors
  • Keep food and pet food in sealed, air-tight containers
  • Keep external doors closed
  • Only open windows with fly or insect prevention screens
  • Ensure that you have drain covers and that all cracks in the building and around pipes are properly sealed.
  • Ensure that there is any space under external doors are sealed.
  • Ensure that bags, boxes and other items brought inside do not contain hidden cockroaches.
  • Minimise clutter and so there are fewer places for cockroaches to shelter and regularly empty the trash.
 Control Perth WA Prevent a Cockroach infestation

These help us detect termite activity that would remain hidden by just a normal visual inspection.

Why Choose Aus Pest Control?

  • Your inspection will be done by a qualified and experienced Pest Control technician
  • We are Experts at Cockroach Control
  • We are available at short notice to all Perth suburbs
  • We are very competitively priced
  • We provide warranties for your peace of mind
  • We only use treatments which are safe to your family and pets
  • A service you can trust
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