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Contact Aus Pest Control for longer term flea control. We are experts and know how to eradicate fleas and ticks fast. 

Our method:

  • Inspection – We will inspect the affected area and locate the likely sources of the problem. If necessary we will create a flea treatment plan.
  • Communication – We will tell you the results of our inspection and how we propose to treat it.
  • Treatment – We treat with non-hazardous chemicals that are safe for you, your children and your pets. The treatment eradicates the fleas and their eggs.

Flea control Perth Australia

What are Fleas and are Flea Infestations Dangerous?

Fleas are small red or brown insects that live on humans and animals. They are parasites and bite the host body they are on and consume their blood.

Fleas are mostly not dangerous, although they have been known to spread diseases. They are however very annoying to people and pets.

How to Identify a Flea Infestation

Fleas are often an unfortunate by-product of having pets.

Here are the signs you may have a flea problem:

  • Humans or pets suffering from excessive itching or scratching.
  • Fleas are often visible so you may see them either on animals or jumping around on carpets or furniture.
  • Reddened skin of pets or people.
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Flea Control  – Self Help

Here are some things you can do:

  • Thorough vacuum of carpets and then dispose of cleaner bag into external garbage
  • Steam clean your carpets
  • Change your pet’s bed linen regularly
  • Wash you pets with ant-flea shampoo
  • Take your pets to the Vet and apply an prescribed anti-flea treatment

Why Choose Us?

  • Your inspection will be done by a qualified and experienced Pest Control technician
  • We are Experts in Flea Control
  • We are available at short notice to all Perth suburbs
  • Affordable Prices
  • We provide warranties for your peace of mind
  • We only use treatments which are safe to your family and pets
  • A service you can trust
  • We provide Free Quotes

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