Pre-Purchase Timber and Pest Inspections

What is a Pre-Purchase Timber and Pest Inspection?

It is one of 2 inspections that you should get done before you buy a house, the other being a Building Inspection.

A pre-purchase timber and pest inspection is carried out by the potential buyer of a property before they finalise the contract to buy.

The buyer should request that the report is carried out by a qualified expert (licensed and experienced). The inspection and report will detail any timber damage caused by termites, any termite activity in the property, risks of future pest activity and any recommended treatment and repairs.

It forms an important part of the buyer’s risk assessment when deciding whether to complete the purchase and also can be used to negotiate with the seller.

Pre-Purchase Timber and Pest Inspection Perth

What is Included in a Pre-Purchase Timber and Building Inspection

The inspection will be in relation to termites, borer beatles, wood-related fungi and mould.

Aus Pest Control inspectors will inspect:-

  • All rooms
  • Roof voids
  • Sub-Floor Areas
  • Out-Buildings 
  • Fences within 30m of main building

The inspection is visual in nature. However the inspectors may also use additional technology, particularly in high-risk areas. This may include thermal imaging cameras, motion detectors and moisture meters.

We will look for any evidence of current pest activity, damage from current or past pest activity and conditions which may encourage pest activity in the future.

We will also advise you of any recommended treatment and repairs or rectifications that are needed.

Should I get a joint building and pest inspection

Pre-Purchase an Timber inspections are governed by Australian Standards AS 4349.1

Please note, this inspection is different to a standard termite inspection which a current house owner may require.

After the Inspection has been completed, we produce a written report.

Pre-Purchase Timber and Pest Inspection 

What is in the Report?

The report can be a number of pages long and include photos from the inspection.

It will include all important findings from the inspection.

Our inspectors will talk through the report with the potential buyer, explain all findings and answer any questions.

The potential buyer (and the lender) can use this report to assess the risk of the investment. If there is damage found, the potential buyer can obtain a quote to repair and treat the problem and use this quote to renegotiate terms with the seller before completing the purchase.

Why Do You Need One?

To protect the substantial investment you may make in your potential future house purchase. The last thing you need is to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) on a house and see it fall apart around you due to termite damage.

Termites are very active in the Perth metro area and they can do tremendous damage to the wood structures within your home.

Also your lender will almost certainly require that you get one done (together with a Building Inspection) as a condition of your mortgage.

How long does the Inspection take to complete?

This depends on the number of rooms and areas to inspect. It can take time for our inspectors to inspect all roof voids and sub-floor areas and surrounding land.

For an average house. It can take up to 2 hours.

Should I get a joint building and pest inspection?

This home owner should be aware that there are different skillsets required for each inspection. Although many companies offer joint building and pest inspections, the inspectors are often building experts but sometimes do not have expertise in termites and termite control.

For the buyer, the joint report can be cheaper but our advise is to make sure that the Building & Pest Inspection is carried out by a termite specialist.

How do I book one?

Contact Aus Pest Control for your Free Quote for our Pre-Purchase Timber and Pest Inspection.

Pre-Purchase Timber and Building Inspection – Tips for Potential Buyer

  • Ensure the seller has left easy access to all areas that need to be inspected. Sometimes a seller can leave clutter in areas which prevent the inspector looking at certain areas. If the inspector cannot access the area, it cannot be inspected and may then require future inspections.

  • The inspector is not permitted to move furniture or other items or open walls to conduct more detailed inspection.

  • The potential buyer should consider being on-site for the inspection. They are then able to ask the inspector any questions there and then. 

  • The potential buyer should be aware that sometimes real estate agents may be on site and can try to speed up the inspection. Our inspectors are experienced at dealing with real estate agents and will ensure the inspection is done to the highest standard.

Why Choose Us?

Your inspection will be done by a licenced and experienced Timber & Pest Inspector

Our reports are clear, concise and tell you all you need to know

We explain them to you (the potential buyer) verbally

We are very competitively priced

We provide free Quotes

We comply with relevant Australian Standards AS 4349.1

We are experts in termite control, borer beetles, wood decay fungi and mould

We are insured – Public liability & Professional Indemnity

We are available at short notice 

A service you can trust

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my Home Buildings Insurance Policy cover Termite Damage?

You will need to check your policy but in most instances the answer is No.

Is Termite Damage a big deal in Perth?

Yes. Termites can do a huge amount of damage and as many as 1 in 5 homes suffer a termite attack at some point.

What is the average cost for a Homeowner to repair termite Damage?

This is very difficult to tell but the cost can run into many thousands of dollars to treat and repair termite damage.

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