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At Aus Pest Control, we are experts in rodent control (rats and mice).

If you have or suspect a rodent problem, we can help.

We understand the stress or anxiety these scurrying pests cause.

Rats and mice are a very common problem in Perth and we have a lot of experience with rodent control.

If you have rodents, we’ll find them and get rid of them – guaranteed!

Have you heard scratching or scampering noises in your roof or walls? Have you seen droppings in roof voids, near potential food sources or around the perimeter of your home?

If there are furry critters in or around your home or business, we’ll find them.

Professional rodent control in Perth

Our Rodent Removal Action Plan

1. We Listen to You

We listen to your story. That includes what you’ve seen, heard or witnessed. Also have you had rodent problems before. What physical areas in the building do you think are affected? Do you have any more relevant information? We note all observations and then start our inspection.

2. Inspection and Identification

We do a thorough inspection of the area, both internal and external to the building. We will initially look for evidence of rodents in the affected area, for example droppings, gnaw and scratch marks, gnawed holes etc.

 We look for exit and entry points, evidence of food and water sources, rodent runs, nests and other signs of rodent activity.

 We also identify the type of pests and the most optimal treatment method to get rid of the problem quickly. 

3. Advice and Feedback

We explain what we’ve found. That will include:

  • What type of pest is residing with you and what led us to that conclusion
  • The extent of the infestation
  • Exit/ entry points, food and water sources, rodent runs, nests etc
  • Any longer-term rodent prevention tips (including building repairs)
  • The recommended rodent treatment (to eliminate the problem)
  • The follow-up plan

4. Rodent Treatment

We will use either traps or rodenticide to fix the problem.

These are effective if you want rodents removed fast. We set the traps and wait. Then come back and remove them from your property.

Rodenticide is left in bait-stations which cannot be accessed by children or pets so is completely safe. Say for rats, they are unlikely to take the bait immediately. They normally wait a few days and get used to it before they eat it. The bait we use are undetected as poison by the rats immediately.

Rats are suspicious and only one may try the bait to start with. The other rats will observe and if that rat is ok, then others will eat it. Then you have to just keep topping the bait stations up until the problem is gone.

The baits have the effect of forcing the rats outside in search of water and they die outside a few days later.

5. Follow Up Plan

We will dispose of any dead rodents and will use a product to disinfect and deodorise the affected area.

We will advise on any rodent prevention tips.

For your peace of mind, we will also give you a warranty which gives free follow-up visits within the period of the warranty.

Your satisfaction is our number 1 goal and our service is geared towards that.

Are Rodents Dangerous?

The answer is Yes and if they are in your house or commercial building you need to get rid of them fast.

  • Rodents carry and spread a number of diseases including Salmonellosis, Leptospirosis (Weil’s Disease), Plague, Lassa Fever and Hantavirus.
  • They can spread diseases though droppings through droppings, urine 
  • They can cause considerable destruction, chewing through various household materials including wires. This can cause house fires.
  • Rats will attack when they are threatened and can give a nasty bite.

Signs You Have a Rodent Problem?

  • Droppings
  • Scampering and scratching noises particularly in the roof or walls
  • Scratch and gnaw marks
  • Holes that have been gnawed through
  • Rodent runways
  • Pungent urine smells
  • Rodent nests
  • Unusual pet behaviour

Should You Treat the Rodent Problem Yourself?

Some people think that rodent infestation is not something you should call professional services for. If you think that you can succeed by using rat killers or DIY mouse control techniques, you may be wrong. Rat control is not as easy as it seems. Here is why you need professional rodent control services.

  • Hardware Store rat-killers and similar products are often not safe for the environment. They have toxins that are very harmful to you and others around you.
  • You may temporarily get rid of a mouse but can soon face mouse infestation again.
  • Our professionals think like a rodent and know all the possible entryways and nesting areas and food sources that you do not necessarily know of.
  • Your pest control methods may not be effective as you may be left with dead or dying rodents in the roof or walls which they decay, attract maggots and leave a sickening smell.
  • Rats are also very suspicious creatures. Humans may contaminate the bait so the rats avoid it.

Identifying the Type of Rodent

House Mouse

House mouse is the most common species of mouse that is found in homes.

The house mouse has great adaptability in every type of climatic conditions, which explains why they are found on every continent. They have large ears, short hair, and a small pointed nose. The house mouse has a broad and very scaly tail at their back.

They stay close to the wall and are also known to be great climbers. A house mouse can easily climb pipes, walls, and wires and can safely jump up to a foot of height.

They prefer staying in dark and secure places where they can conceal themselves. They build a nest out of paper and other soft insulating material.

mouse control and inspection in Perth WA

Brown Rats

Brown rats, also known as Norwegian rats, are one of the biggest kinds of rats to infest your homes and commercial buildings.

They are usually brown in colour, and sometimes grey, having small eyes, tiny ears, and bi-coloured tails.

Brown rats have large teeth that keep growing. This is why they keep on chewing on things to prevent their teeth from growing too much.

Brown rats can chew through soft concrete, thin metals, and even soft stone. They can be destructive as they can chew the materials on the sides of your house.

rodent inspection and treatment in Perth

Black Rats (Roof Rats)

If you hear scampering or scratching on your roof, there is a good chance that you hear a black rat, also called the roof rat.

As the name suggests, they are expert climbers and prefer staying up high by climbing trees, wires, or pipes.

They can also reside in basements and sewers too. 

Roof rats are not picky and can eat everything they find.

However, they are fond of fruits and vegetables and will be attracted to fruit trees.

rat control and extermination in perth

Rats and Mice in Perth – Prevention

Essentially rodents are attracted by food, water, warmth and shelter.

So to prevent a mice or rats infestation, here are some tips:-

  • Do not leave food lying around and keep it in sealed containers.
  • The same with pet food and supplies
  • Do not leave rubbish exposed and ensure your main dustbin is sealed.
  • Chop back bushes and shrubbery, do not allow grass to grow long and do not keep piles of wood in your garden or yard.
  • Ensure there are no gaps under your doors and ensure that all holes in the exterior of your house are sealed. Rats and mice can get through holes the size of your thumb and finger respectively so even the smallest of holes must be sealed.
  • Do not have trees near to over overhanging your roof
  • Do not leave fruit from fruit trees at ground level
  • Stay up to date with roof repairs
  • Do not allow clutter or cardboard boxes to pile up as there can provide shelter and nesting materials for rodents
  • Do not keep still water sources near your house
  • Ensure drains are in good working order and use metal grates or screens to cover them.
  • Keep on the lookout for rodent activity and if you spot any signs, call Aus Pest Control immediately.

Why Choose Aus Pest Control?

  • Your inspection will be done by a qualified and experienced Pest Control technician
  • We are experts at Rodent Control
  • We are available at short notice to all Perth suburbs
  • We are very competitively priced
  • We provide warranties for your peace of mind
  • We only use treatments which are safe to your family and pets
  • A service you can trust
  • We provide free Quotes

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