Spider Control

Getting Rid of Spiders in Perth

If you have a spider problem, call Aus Pest Control. We are experts in Spider Control. We will apply a treatment which will get rid of them.

Our Pest Control Experts will:

  • Inspect the area
  • Apply an internal chemical treatment
  • Apply an external chemical treatment

The treatment is safe for your family and pets and will kill all spiders and crawling insects. We advise that you do not clean or pressure wash the outside of your home for 2 weeks for the most effective results.

Spiders in Perth

Spiders are not insects. They are arachnids. They are different to insects in terms of their body parts and their abilities. For example, their body parts and their abilities. The most well-known is that spiders have 8 legs, where insects do not and spiders can spin webs and insects cannot.

There are positives and negatives about spiders in terms of how they may be looked at as pests:

  • Positives – They eat undesirable insects like crickets, flies, moths and cockroaches, so themselves provide a type of pest control.
  • Negatives – Many people are scared of them and some spiders looks fearsome. Add to that, their webs are unsightly and some of them bite humans so on balance they are a pest you will probably want to get rid of.

There are several sider species in Perth, the most common being:-

  • Red-back Spiders
  • Wolf Spiders
  • Black House Spiders
  • Huntsman Spiders
  • White-tailed Spiders
  • Garden Spiders
  • Trapdoor Spiders
  • Daddy long-legs

Note: The venomous funnel-web spider does not live in Western Australia

Are the Spiders in Perth Dangerous?

Some spiders can bite and some are venomous. The most dangerous of these in Western Australia is the Redback Spider bite. The worst bite comes from the female and can be painful and last up to a day or maybe longer.

The symptoms can be headache, vomiting, nausea, fever and stomach pains.

Action to Take if Bitten by Spider

  • Redback Spider – Seek immediate medical attention. Anti-venom is available.
  • White-tailed Spider – Watch and Monitor – can  be painful. If pain persists, seek medical attention.
  • Black House Spider – Watch and monitor – may experience local pain and nausea. If in doubt, seek medical attention.
  • If you cannot identify the spider species – as a precaution seek immediate medical attention.

Why Choose Aus Pest Control?

  • Your inspection will be done by a qualified and experienced Pest Control technician
  • We are Experts in Spider Control
  • We are available at short notice to all Perth suburbs
  • We have very affordable prices
  • We provide warranties for your peace of mind
  • We only use treatments which are safe to your family and pets
  • A service you can trust
  • We provide free Quotes

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