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Termite Treatments

At Aus Pest Control, we are experts at Termite Treatments.

If you have discovered Termite Activity at your home or commercial building, you have to act fast.

Firstly contact a Termite Specialist like Aus Pest Control.

Then we can arrange a Termite Inspection.

We will discuss a the most appropriate Termite Treatment and Protection for your situation, to control and remove your termite problem.

Below, we discuss your 2 main Termite Treatment options:

  • Termite Barriers (chemical & physical barriers)
  • Termite Baiting
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Termite Barriers

Termite Chemical Barriers

For termite removal and eradication of termites to an existing house, the type of Termite Barrier we need is a Chemical Barrier

We use a Termite Prevention and Treatment called Termidor.

Termidor is:

  • Odourless
  • Safe for kids and pets 
  • Provides fast and long-term protection
  • Designed to destroy the whole termite colony,
  • Lasts for 8 years
  • Widely used in USA and Australia

Termidor is sprayed into the soil in small trenches around the perimeter of the house and underneath the house by drilling through concrete and injected into those holes.

The great thing about Termidor is that the termites cannot detect it and it is also easily transferred from one termite to another.

When the termites come into contact with Termidor, they ingest it and transfer it to other termites. Termites are very social insects and are continually coming into contact with other termites. 

Termites that come into contact will die within a few days. They are then eaten by other termites who themselves become infected.

The Termidor with spread through the termite tunnels and be transferred to the nest.

So Termidor will not only kill the Termites in your house but it is also likely to destroy the whole Termite Colony.

Additional Treatment if Termites are Detected in your house

If termites are detected in your house, we need to kill them immediately.

We then dust the affected area with Termidor dust.

The Termidor dust will act in a similar way to the liquid and not only kill the termites in your house, it is also likely to make its way back to the nest and have a devastating effect on the colony.

Alternative Termite Chemical Barrier – Termidor/ Term-X Reticulation system

This is a good option as part of a house renovation project.

A trench is dug around the perimeter of the building and a Term-X reticulation line is sunk into the trench. The line has holes in it and the end of the line has an access point into which the Termidor is applied.

The soil in the trench will also have a Termidor solution poured into it to give instant high strength protection.

You can then pave on concrete over the top of that area as required.

So periodically the Termidor can now be quickly applied without having to dig new trenches or drill holes every time you want to do a Termite Treatment.


With Termidor it is important that this is applied by Termite Control Professionals like Aus Pest Control

A DIY user may not mix the product properly, apply it in the correct quantities and in the right way and also is unlikely to have all of the required equipment and protective clothing to use this product.

We are very experienced at eliminating Termites and the use of Termidor. 

Physical Termite Barriers

If you rely on a physical barrier it must be 100% secure with no cracks. Even a crack of 1 millimetre can allow termites through to attack your house. Termites are designed to keep probing physical barriers until they find an entry point to your house.

Physical Barriers are an important part of your building’s defence against termites. The problem is that if the physical barrier is compromised, termites may find the weaknesses or cracks and enter the building.

Physical barriers will not kill the termites, they just attempt to stop them gaining entry to your building. They are most commonly used for new house builds but can also be used to protect existing structures.

Pest Termite Control in Perth Western Australia

Termite Baiting

This is more of a preventative treatment and is not the solution if you have termites in your house.

This is because they have already found a good found source once they are in your house.

Baiting is to stop termites getting to your house when they haven’t found it yet.

The idea is to install baiting stations all around your house.

The baits used are very attractive to termites and are taken back to the nest and eventually the termite colony is eliminated.

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